The Dead of Mametz

‘A commentary on the ultimate futility of war, ‘The Dead of Mametz’ is a superb mystery as well as one of the most moving war novels I’ve ever come across’ Mystery Scene Magazine USA

‘One of the most thrilling and chilling whodunits I have read for some time. Hicks uses his knowledge to give a real authenticity both to his settings and to his well-honed characters’ Welsh Books Council

‘The plot convincingly intertwines itself between the genres of a detective novel and a soldier's-eye account of trench warfare to create a compelling and intriguing hybrid’ The Morning Star

‘This satisfying historical debut partners abundant military and battle details with breathtaking spy adventure on both sides of the front’ Orange Review Star USA

‘A murder mystery and powerful first novel’ Western Mail

Amazon Reviews:

‘Compelling reading. The reader is immediately drawn into the intrigue. The action is fast moving and the plot has multiple strands. Clearly, the novel is extremely well researched. The success of this book lies in the complexity of the plot, itself, and in the stark portrayal of the realism and horrors of the war. Recommended!!’

I would recommend this new novel to all those interested in The First World War or who love a great mystery. It is a great mix of an intriguing storyline and superb historical detail, with must-read tension in every chapter’

‘I laughed, I cried and at times I felt myself dreading the outcome of yet another push from these brave soldiers who gave so much of themselves. Just at the end when you think you have finally understood his methods and solved the crime there is another astonishing twist that further hints at the abilities of this very capable author’

‘A thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking debut from a novelist who clearly knows his history and is eager to inform the reader!’

‘An absolute riveting read...I could not put this book down once I had started’

‘The hero, Thomas Oscendale, has the potential to develop in to one of the great literary sleuths’

Demons Walk Among Us


In this sequel to The Dead of Mametz, Jonathan Hicks has defied literary gravity - this second novel is even better than his impressive first outing. Demons Walk Among Us is quite simply even more compelling, horrifying and gratifying a read than its fine predecessor. Oscendale is building up to be a thoroughly compelling creation and Hicks is already a masterful and first-rate novelist. --Paul Simon - Morning Star

Oscendale is on leave from the Western Front and in Barry when the savage killing of a war widow is reported, with a request for him to assist. This is the starting-point for a sequence that takes readers into the trenches and across the killing fields of the Ypres Salient in breathtaking detail as he comes face to face with a host of believable characters, military and civilian, in a flow of narrative that puts the book into the cannot-put-down category. --Barri Hurford-Jones

This latest outing for Jonathan Hicks and Thomas Oscendale is a great leap forward, and propels the series nearer to the Premier League of British crime fiction. --David Prestidge - Crime Fiction Lover





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